We invite you to discuss any questions you may have with us regarding our services. Optimum healthcare is based on a friendly, mutual understanding between doctor and patient.


STEP 1: All new patients are requested to fill out both a new patient intake form and a personal health/history questionnaire.

STEP 2: Your first consultation with a doctor to discuss your health objectives.

STEP 3: The CA will inform you of your insurance benefits before proceeding further. Chiropractic examination procedures will be performed to detect any irregularities in your nerve, muscle and skeletal systems to determine if chiropractic care is appropriate for you. A lifestyle evaluation may also be recommended to determine the role of physical, chemical and emotional stress on your health and well-being.

STEP 4: The doctor will advise you as to the need of additional procedures such as laboratory and x-ray tests, if necessary.

STEP 5: If your case requires immediate attention, emergency first aid may be administered. However, most new practice members will start receiving care after the doctor has taken sufficient time to fully evaluate all the examination results and derived a care program specifically for you.

STEP 6: You will come for your "Report of Findings" when your doctor will inform you as to your examination results and whether or not your case has been accepted. You will also be advised concerning financial arrangements if you are paying cash.

STEP 7: Your recommended health care program will be explained to you. Any financial concerns will be addressed and your care program will be established.

STEP 8: Your health care program will begin in earnest and will continue as scheduled until your condition has been fully corrected, or until maximum improvement has been obtained.

STEP 9: Once correction has been demonstrated and documented, we will advise you about what steps you can take to insure that your system is strong and stable so that the health concerns that initially brought you to our office do not return.


STEP 10: We can then begin discussions about how to maintain a higher level of health now and how to grow your health in the future though appropriate lifestyle decisions and choices.