Dr Desiree does a great job very friendly. She is a good Chiropractor I went with her because I had problems with my back and neck. I had very painful back. Thru the sessions my pain is gone! I’m very happy!


I have always been Dr. Desiree’s patient from day 1. It may be TMI but I’d like to share it anyway. I’ve always been irregular with my monthly visit. But every time I got adjusted by Dr. Desiree, within a day or two, is when my period would come. One day I told Dr. Dez that I haven’t gotten my monthly visityet. She adjusted me. A week later I still haven’t gotten my period. That’s when we found out I was pregnant. Then she routinely adjusted me throughout pregnancy. I didn’t have morning sickness. I never had backaches, knee pains. Only soreness on the feet but that’s during my 3rd trimester already due to weight gain. My doctor said My baby had a lot of room to move around even during 3rd trimester. Then finally, I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy, naturally. Dr Dez was there to give my baby his very first adjustment. Everything went smoothly because my health and wellness is my top priority under Dr. Desiree’s care. Now my son is also being seen by Dr. Dez. She simply is the best!


Fantastic Chiropractor. Knowledgeable, compassionate and actually listens to you instead of rushing you in and out like a typical doctors office. Could not recommend Dr Desiree highly enough.


Dr. Desiree is exceptional and spot on at finding the root cause of your spinal issues. I had been suffering from scoliosis all my life and inspite of going to multiple specialists, Dr. Desiree is the first expert to diagnose it and state the root cause for all of my pain. Fast forward to 12 sessions later, I have increased energy levels, no issue of back sprains, can stand and sit for longer time and almost very less lower back pain. She spots sore areas very intuitively and her treatment is very holistic. I highly recommend her for all of your spinal problems.


I took my parents here a back in august/sept for my mom back pain... She couldn't walk straight.. Or sit upright. She couldn't sleep or bend over.. I went to Dr. Lombos for treatment.. Dr. Lombos was very nice.. Attentive and really took care of my mothers needs.. After the treatments.. My mother is a entirely different person.. She can walk and sit up straight with no problem.. Dr. Lombos also took care of my father shoulder problems.. No more pain and completely happy and healthy!! Thank you Dr. DESIREE LOMBOS

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